March 1, 2017 · Android

About the 'Relax and Sleep' update

As you might have noticed the Relax and Sleep app was updated after more then two years of silence. Most of you are probably not too happy about this event but there are a number of reason why this was necessary:

  • Deprecated implementation of keeping the App in the background.
  • Deprecated UI style guidelines.
  • Getting new features (which have been requested a lot over the years) implemented.
  • Prevent the App from being removed from the App store because of Google’s Policies.
  • And I like having a ‘pet’ project to work on once in a while ;-) to try out new stuff.
  • Now change is never fun, and while most of the users are okay with this there seems to be a few misunderstandings (mostly about the UI) but also sadly a bunch of issues.


  • 31-mar-07 Version 5.1.8 has been released, it solves timer issues and the alam-clock screen hides the statusbar.
  • 17-mar-07 Version 5.1.7 (currently in Beta but will roll out today) does solve a memory issue, and maybe also the random stopping of sounds om some devies. Let me know if things are solved.
  • 14-mar-07 Vesion 5.1.6 introduces the (missing) ‘Fade Out’ and ‘Exit Application’ as an option for the Timers. The Timer Creation screen is now more detailed to prevent some confusion some people were experiencing. Also the re-introducted ‘Keep Screen Awake’ Alarm Clock has a more easy and more easier way to set a Quick Timer. (also more new sounds added)
  • 12-mar-07 Version 5.1.3 has been released in the Play Store, re-introducing the Alarm Clock screen which will keep the device Awake (prevent the screen from going to sleep) you will find it at the top (stopwatch icon) of the Timers-tab. Also the ‘whitescreen’ issue should have ben resolved. The general responsiveness of the App should also be improved. 4 sounds have been added as well. And for people who preferred the old timer, you can set a quick timer on the Alarm clock screen (no need to create a timer entry first). And last but not least: The alarm volume is now connected to he Android default alarm volume control, and the classic alarm sound (called classic) has been added to the Alarm Sound selection in the Settings tab.
  • 9-mar-07 Version 5.1.2 has been released in the Play Store with a (hopefully) working solution to he gap playback issue. Just be sure to switch the ‘Gap Adjust’ in he ‘Settings’-tab to ‘Default’. There was also an issue with he Alarm/Timers (not always working) which has been solved.

The Issues

stops playing in the middle of the night for no reason??!#@
Suddenly there are complains about the App suddenly stopping (the sound) even though the Players tells you it is still running.
To solve this issue more information is needed, because for now I can’t seem te replicate the issue on my phone, it just keeps on playing.

Import information: Does restarting the App solve the issue? Or simply pause/play?

  • Is the Gap Adjust setting on Default?
  • Is the volume not turned down (light night mode or silent mode)?
  • What version of android and type of phone is affected?

clicks and gaps!!@#
A lot of the complains are about the sudden clicks and gaps in Relax and Sleep. Before I continue explaining what might cause these let me be clear about a few misconception:

  • It is never okay to insult people personally especially over the internet, there are REAL people behind those computers, if you are upset take a deep breath and think rationally before sending me a message.
  • Technically (the sound files and the way they are looped) nothing has changed! If I would have changed anything in the old version and compiled it with the new Google Android SDK the same thing would have happened.
  • Since the two year old version worked perfectly fine on most devices something must have been changed or is now different in the new Android, this is out of my control but I’m investing time to research this as we speak, with time this will probably be solved.
  • The issue should be fixed now (be sure to have the newest version above 5.1.2 and the Gap Adjust set to Default)

The Solutions

I want the old version back!
The version prior to the update can be installed by clicking on the install link on your device below:
Relax and Sleep 4.4 .apk

I can’t adjust the volume anymore?
This is still possible but the volume bar is only showed when a sound is actually playing. Just click on the play-icon of a sound and the volume bar will appear.

I bought Plus, do I need to buy Upgrade+ again?
No! If you install Relax and Sleep Plus from the Google Play Store go the the Settings tab in the new Relax and Sleep and click on the Upgrade+ scroll all the way down and click on ‘Restore Previous Purchase’ or if the link ‘What about relax and sleep plus?’ is there, click on that one.

Why was there no warning about this?
There should have been a warning. But for some reason Google (removed?) neglected to give the user a choice. This is very concerning on its own because several permissions were changed. In this case the App isn’t doing anything with your data but other Apps could simply update these permissions and start sending your personal data to their servers. Which is from a privacy standpoint pretty strange.

No items are displayed on the screen after the splash/loading screen?
This is probably related to the x86 architecture (like some newer Asus devices) if this is the case please leave a report.

The Alarms won’t play / App crashes or stops instead of Alarm?
This is a known issue in version 5.1.2 and older, please update to a newer version. If the problem still occurs you can always report as much details about the problem.

I get only a white screen when the App starts?
This is related to very old versions of android (4.3 and older) it is adviced to upgrade your device since these versions of android have many security issues. But if this is not an option please wait for a future update (within a few days) which will solve the issue.

Can’t set an Alarm anymore?
Now it’s possible to set multiple alarms. Go to the Timers tab and click on the + in the right top corner. There are multiple options. For instance now it’s possible to set a timer to load a preset on a specific time and a timer to also play an alarm later that day. Arguably it takes a bit more effort to set an alarm compared to the old version, but the possibilities are now endless.

Where is the fullscreen alarm clock or the sleepbot integration?
These functions will come back later, but as you might have noticed the clicks/gap issue has taken the up this priority at the moment. But they will return!

I can’t find my favorite sound anymore?
All sounds are still here, but in the first update the names were made shorter. This has been undone in the latest update. So please update to version 5.1.1.

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